DSANet: Dynamic Segment Aggregation Network for Video-Level Representation Learning (ACMMM 2021)



We release the code of the DSANet (Dynamic Segment Aggregation Network). We introduce the DSA module to capture relationship among snippets for video-level representation learning. Equipped with DSA modules, the top-1 accuracy of I3D ResNet-50 is improved to 78.2% on Kinetics-400.

The core code to implement the Dynamic Segment Aggregation Module is codes/models/modules_maker/DSA.py.

[July 7, 2021] We release the core code of DSANet.

[July 3, 2021] DSANet has been accepted by ACMMM 2021.


All dependencies can be installed using pip:

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Our experiments run on Python 3.7 and PyTorch 1.5. Other versions should work but are not tested.

Download Pretrained Models

  • Download ImageNet pre-trained models for offline environment

cd pretrained
sh download_imgnet.sh
  • Download K400 pre-trained models for inference


Data Preparation

We follow the same data process with MVFNet for data preparation.

Model Zoo



bash dist_test_recognizer.sh CONFIG_PATH CHECKPOINT_PATH 8 


This implementation supports multi-gpu, DistributedDataParallel training, which is faster and simpler.

  • For example, to train DSANet with 8 gpus, you can run:

bash dist_train_recognizer.sh configs/kinetics/r50_e100.py 8


We especially thank the contributors of the MVFNet and mmaction codebase for providing helpful code.


This repository is released under the Apache-2.0. license as found in the LICENSE file.

Related Work

MVFNet: Multi-View Fusion Network for Efficient Video Recognition, AAAI2021 Paper | Code


If you think our work is useful, please feel free to cite our paper

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For any question, please file an issue or contact

Wenhao Wu: [email protected]
Yuxiang Zhao: [email protected]