Easily find and view pre-trained AI models and deep learning projects through the command line.

Command Line




What EasyModels does

EasyModels is an easy way to find and view deep learning projects and pre-trained models. It uses the modelzoo.co API (sorry ModelZoo but you didn't do a great job of hiding it so I hope you don't mind). It will allow you to find different projects based on categories they're posted with on ModelZoo. I'd like to add more APIs to this project so if you know any other ones that might work well please make a PR or open an Issue thread with it as a suggestion.

I wrote this is literally 45 minutes and pushed out and since then there have been little one line fixes and features added here and there. If you find any bugs please open an Issue thread on this repo.

GUI brought to you in part by PySimpleGUI


  • Computer Vision
  • Natual Language Recognition
  • Audio and Speech
  • Generative Models
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning

How it works

Simply install from pip:

pip install easymodels

or clone this repo and run:

python setup.py install
easymodels --disable-update # disable checking for newest version

# for gui run
easymodels --gui

This will bring up a command line tool that will guide you through grabbing whatever models are available through the modelzoo API.