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Easy to use gRPC-web client in python


This package provides a requests like interface to make calls to gRPC-Web servers.


Install the package using:

$ pip install pyease-grpc

Run the following to check if it has been installed correctly:

$ pyease-grpc --version


To use it, you need to have a basic understanding of how gRPC works.

Let’s run the server first. There is an example project here:

Clone it and follow the instructions on the to start the server.

Let’ check the example folder for the time_service.proto file:

// file: time_service.proto
syntax = "proto3";

package smpl.time.api.v1;

option go_package = "";

message GetCurrentTimeRequest {

message GetCurrentTimeResponse {
  string current_time = 1;

service TimeService {
  rpc GetCurrentTime(GetCurrentTimeRequest) returns (GetCurrentTimeResponse);

Suppose the gRPC web server is running at http://localhost:8080.

To make a request to GetCurrentTime:

from pyease_grpc import Protobuf, RpcSession
from pyease_grpc.rpc_uri import RpcUri

protobuf = Protobuf.from_file('time_service.proto')
session = RpcSession(protobuf)

response = session.request(
    RpcUri('http://localhost:8080', package='smpl.time.api.v1',
           service='TimeService', method='GetCurrentTime'),

result = response.single

The session.request accepts a dict as input and returns the response as dict.


A more convenient way to use the client is directly using the FileDescriptorSet.

To generate FileDescriptorSet as json:

$ pyease-grpc -I example example/time_service.proto --output example/descriptor.json

Now you can use this descriptor file directly to create Protobuf instance.

import json

with open('descriptor.json', 'r') as f:
  descriptor = json.load(f)

# Use the descriptor directly to create protobuf instance
protobuf = Protobuf.restore(descriptor)

# You can even create the session directly
session = RpcSession.from_descriptor(descriptor)


GitHub - dipu-bd/pyease-grpc at
Easy gRPC-web client in python. Contribute to dipu-bd/pyease-grpc development by creating an account on GitHub.