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edgetest is a tox-inspired python library that will loop through your project’s dependencies, and check if your project is compatible with the latest version of each dependency. It does this by:

  • creating a virtual environment,
  • installing your local package into the environment,
  • upgrading specified dependency package(s), and
  • running your test command.

For example, if you depend on pandas>=0.25.1,<=1.0.0, edgetest will test your project against the most current pandas version (say 1.3.4), so you know if you can safely update your dependency to pandas>=0.25.1,<=1.3.4 or not.


Create a conda environment with Python 3.7+ and install from PyPI:

$ python -m pip install edgetest

or conda-forge:

$ conda install -c conda-forge edgetest

Getting Started

edgetest allows multi-package, bleeding edge dependency testing. Suppose you have a package, mypackage, with the following requirements.txt:



edgetest allows you to test your package against the latest version of pandas. If you run

$ edgetest

the package will

  1. Create a virtual environment in the .edgetest folder,
  2. Install the local mypackage: .edgetest/pandas/bin/python -m pip install .,
  3. Upgrade pandas: .edgetest/pandas/bin/python -m pip install pandas --upgrade,
  4. Run .edgetest/pandas/bin/python -m pytest, and
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all packages in requirements.txt.

After you run the command, you should get console output similar to the following:

============= =============== =================== =================
 Environment   Passing tests   Upgraded packages   Package version
------------- --------------- ------------------- -----------------
 pandas        True            pandas              1.3.4
============= =============== =================== =================


See the advanced usage page.


Current plugins include:

Plugin Description
edgetest-conda Uses conda or mamba for environment creation instead of venv.
edgetest-hub Creates a pull request in your GitHub repository with the dependency updates.
edgetest-pip-tools Refreshes a locked requirements file based on the updated dependency pins.


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