Educational and historical wargame simulation made with Pygame

There is no main name for the game but rather the name will be based on a major update.

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For any suggestion or bugs report feel free to put them on repo issues, the channel's youtube video or write it here (no login needed):

If anyone is interested in another similar game like this, there is an interesting game by another developer:

How to run/compile

If you want to download the release version to test the game, go to release tags ( and download the zip file. To start testing the game run for the source code or main.exe for the release version. To compile the source code into exe, I would recommend using main.spec to compile the game. The main.spec compile only so you will need to copy gamescript, data, profile folder manually to the distribute folder after.

Check the requirements.txt file for dependency requirements if running with the python source code. Also, the game is now optimised based on the pygame 2.0.1 module (much faster than 1.9.6) and python 3.7.9. (may have to use cython later for a huge size battle)

Key features so far

The current state of the game and code performance/readibility:

alt text

Meaning: The update is going well and steady.

History is told by the victor, but sometimes the words of the loser do not fade away

Have you ever find it weird that most historical games follow only a specific version of the story? Even a single battle may have more than one side of the story. For example, the Normans say they are the underdog in the Battle of Hastings, while the Saxons also say they are the underdog. Well in this game, all versions of the story are accepted and represented. Every preset historical map will have more than 1 source of information that dictates the army composition, size, even formation and possibly more.

alt text

Army is led by more than just a king

So many historical wargames have only one leader per army. Not here. Every unit has a leadership structure and every historical battle will have all the named people that participated in the battle.

alt text

Complex troop statistic system

A lot of simplified soldier statistics yet complexly interchange together that affect combat capability in various ways.

alt text

Custom unit creator

Bored of a simple line formation and want to try making weird unit formation? There is a custom unit editor that provides a complete freedom unit design. The custom units can be used in custom battles.

alt text

Extremely easy map creation

Most of the strategy map creator requires a degree of learning to use effectively. Well in this game you just need to use paint or any drawing software (gimp, photoshop, etc.) to create a map. Draw the image with the right colour set and the game will convert them into a playable map. Most other map functions are also very easy to create and modify.

Video demonstration:

Encyclopedia and stuff

This game's encyclopedia will have more information than just from the Wikipedia website as long as they can be found that is.

alt text

This function is going to be a headache to write and research. But hopefully, it will provide useful and interesting historical information to players.