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Elkeid HUB

Elkeid HUB is a rule/event processing engine maintained by the Elkeid Team that supports streaming/offline (not yet supported by the community edition) data processing. The original intention is to solve complex data/event processing and external system linkage requirements through standardized rules.

Core Components

  • INPUT data input layer, community edition only supports Kafka.
  • RULEENGINE/RULESET core components for data detection/external data linkage/data processing.
  • OUTPUT data output layer, community edition only supports Kafka/ES.
  • SMITH_DSL used to describe the data flow relationship.

Application Scenarios

  • Simple HIDS

  • IDS Like Scenarios

  • Multiple input and output scenarios


  • High Performance
  • Very Few Dependencies
  • Support Complex Data Processing
  • Custom Plugin Support
  • Support Stateful Logic Build
  • Support External System/Data Linkage

Elkeid Internal Best Practices

  • Use Elkeid HUB to process Elkeid HIDS/RASP/Sandbox/etc. raw data, TPS ninety million/s. HUB scheduling instance 4000+
  • 99% alarm produce time is less than 0.5s
  • Internal Maintenance Rules 2000+

Getting Started

Elkeid-HUB Quick Start

Elkeid-HUB Demo(Chinese version only)

Elkeid HUB Handbook (chinese only)


Demo Config


Elkeid HIDS Rule and Project(Just Example)

Elkeid Project

(Need to use with Elkeid)

Community Version

  • Does not support cluster mode, only supports single node.
  • No front-end support, no data visualization capabilities, no front-end management capabilities.
  • Rule/RuleSet/Project Debug capabilities are not supported.
  • WorkSpace is not supported, user management is not supported.
  • No operation and maintenance management capabilities.

LICENSE (Not Business Friendly)


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