Espion: A Mini-Keylogger

Espion: A Mini-Keylogger


The use of this tool is strictly for only benevolent or educational purposes. Any malevolent intention or misuse of Espion could certainly put your life at risk. Henceforth, use this tool cautiously.


About Espion

Espion (Spy in French) is a bijou keylogger tool to capture any key that the user on a target machine presses on his/her keyboard. Espion supports 1:M connection. 1:M is a notation for one server and many clients.

About Keyloggers

Keyloggers are spyware tools (hence the name, Espion) that capture ‘keystrokes’ on a target computer and reflect the captured data in real-time and/or keep it stored in a log file.

Using Espion

Espion is quite an easy tool to use. If you get doubious on how to use it, on the terminal type the following command:
python -h OR python --help.

Part A: Cloning the repository

Go as per this command flow:

  1. git clone
  2. cd Espion


Part B: After cloning the repository

Before proceeding, be certain to be a super user (root) to use Espion. Also install the keyboard module in python [pip install keyboard].
Follow these steps to achieve a triumphant execution:

  1. Confirm the victim machine(s) and the attacker machine.
  2. On the attacker machine, run the generator program first (python
  3. Enter all the details asked for into the prompt.
  4. Remember the IP address and the port number that’s designated.
  5. Once again, on the attacker machine, run the listener program (python <IP> <PORT>).
  6. Now, head to the victim machine.
  7. Run the program titled ‘’ on the victim machine (python
  8. Type anything on the target machine(s). Then monitor/observe the output received on the attacker machine
    (Optional: Connect another victim to the attacker machine.).

Designating the machines


Contents of the keylogger file

Contents of the keylogger file

Additional Information

  1. Designed and developed by Anurag.R.Simha.
  2. Made in Karnataka.
  3. Designed with python.
  4. Concept(s) used: Socket Programming in Python.


Espion is not OS-specific.

All the details are stored in a keystroke log file on the same directory
where program was running. Remember to terminate the execution
of that program before browsing the log file. It’s titled as
‘Keystroke log file (current date).txt’.


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