discord-anti-spam Dashboard


> GOTO discord dev portal
> Pick application, GOTO OAuth2
> ADD Redirect url. Something like
> OAuth2 URL Generator, select identify scope and your redirect url
> COPY that url and set your OAUTH_URL enviroment variable to it
> COPY your client_id into an enviroment variable called CLIENT_ID
> COPY your client_secret into an enviroment variable called CLIENT_SECRET

You need to set the following other environment variables

REDIRECT_URL=http://<domain>/callback # Add https if setup
QUART_SECRET=A random string for signing sessions # python -c 'import os; print(os.urandom(16))'
IPC_SECRET=A random string for ensuring IPC comes from the correct source # python -c 'import os; print(os.urandom(16))'
DASHBOARD_PORT=An optional port to use for IPC if 8765 isn't available
TOKEN=Your bot's token

# Plus you should have these from the previous codeblock


In one terminal

> python bot.py

In another

> python -m antispam_dashboard

This is built around https://github.com/Skelmis/DPY-Anti-Spam
and needs to be used in conjunction with it.
Not yet though!


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