Example of wrapping SPL token by ERC2-20 interface in Neon



  1. Find your solana wallet address by typing in command line:

solana address

  1. Airdrop some SOLs to your wallet address from here NOTE Make sure you airdropping to devnet

  2. Check that balance is non-zero (1 SOL will be enough):

solana –url devnet balance

  1. Connect your metamask wallet to Neon Devnet using this settings:

  2. Airdrop some NEONs to your wallet by this link – will drop maximum 10 tokens at a time.

  3. cd to this file’s parent directory in command line

  4. Generate keypair for new SPL token:

solana-keygen new -o test-token-mint.json –force

You will be asked for passphrase (can skip this step by pressing Enter)

  1. Create new SPL token by running command:

spl-token –url devnet create-token — test-token-mint.json

Copy Base59 encoded string returned by this command in line like:

Creating token 3CZZw1DhdzhmWkCBddvDFcPHJsRzG4SktcYg6MtNKY5Z

  1. Convert this Base58 address representation into HEX using this service and copy resulting value

  2. Replace tokenMint value on line 34 by value got on previous step NOTE Add 0x prefix to it

  3. Load ERC20Example.sol file into Remix then compile and deploy it using Injected Web3 Environment on page “Deploy & run transactions” NOTE you should be connected to the same Metamask account that was supplied with airdrop on step 5 and to the same network that was setup on step 4.

  4. Copy ERC20 contract address

  5. Import newly created token into Metamask. Balance should be 0

  6. Run mint_erc20_wrapped_token.py script with 2 arguments:

  • first – contract address got on the step 11
  • second – your Metamask wallet address

For example:

> python3 mint_erc20_wrapped_token.py 0xb19665132A95e06887e085564e43635eCC24e139 0xf71c4DACa893E5333982e2956C5ED9B648818376

After successfull execution balance should change to 1000


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