PyTorch implementation for EOPSN.

We propose open-set panoptic segmentation task and propose a new baseline called EOPSN. The code is based on Detectron2


First, install requirements.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, install PyTorch 1.5+ and torchvision 0.6+:

conda install -c pytorch pytorch torchvision

Finally, you need to install Detectron2. To prevent version conflict, I recommand to install via included detectron2 folders. Regarding installation issue caused from detectron2, please refer to here.

cd detectron2
pip install -e ./

Data preparation

Download and extract COCO 2017 train and val images with annotations from http://cocodataset.org. We expect the directory structure to be the following:

  annotations/  # annotation json files
  train2017/    # train images
  val2017/      # val images

To convert closed-set panoptic segmentation to open-set panoptic segmentation, run:

python prepare_unknown.py

The default setting is K=20, you can change here.


To train EOPSN on a single node with 8 gpus for 30,000 iterations run:

python train_net.py --config configs/EOPSN_K20.yaml --num-gpus 8

Note that it requires pre-trained models (Void-suppression). Please download from Goolge Drive.

To train baseline (train) on a single node with 8 gpus for 45,000 iterations run:

python train_net.py --config configs/baseline_K20.yaml --num-gpus 8

If you want to log using WandB, you can add --wandb flag.


To evaluate EOPSN on COCO val5k with a single GPU run:

python train_net.py --config configs/EOPSN_K20.yaml --num-gpus 8 --resume --eval-only



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