Brawl Stars v36

Experimental Brawl Stars v36.218 server emulator written in Python.



  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • colorama

Running the server

In a terminal, type pip install -r requirements.txt then run the server using python

Configuring the client app

To connect to your server, a patched client is required. Download this base APK and change the IP in

This client is unstable and might crash sometimes. It is not recommended to use it for a production environment.


We’ve enabled offline battles so you can directly press “PLAY” to start a match. ScreenShot Unfortunately, the offline logic is mostly broken and some gamemodes/brawlers might crash the game or not work correctly. After multiple tests we’ve made it appears these 3 gamemodes still behave normally:

  • Gem Grab
  • Bounty
  • Big Game

You’ll find some maps we’ve selected for you in the events tab. ScreenShot

Got any question?

Contact @ShockWave#5158 on Discord or open an issue.

Important Notice

This is an experimental and incomplete server made just for fun. No database, no data saving. The purpose of this project is to prove that making a private server for Brawl Stars is still possible. We won’t provide further updates nor will we offer support for miss-features or other issues.