Experiments with Circle Loss on AIC 2021’s Vehicle Retrieval Dataset


Name Student ID Mail
Vũ Lê Thế Anh * 20C13002 [email protected]
Nguyễn Lê Hồng Hạnh 20C13005 [email protected]
Trần Ngọc Quốc 20C13009 [email protected]
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Extract metadata

The dataset provided metadata in the form of an XML file train_label.xml which can be hard to processed. We first convert this into a more accessible JSON file.

python extract_train.py

The result will be saved as list/train_image_metadata.json.

Split data

Since we use the data above for training, evaluation, and testing, we split it into corresponding CSV files.

python split.py

The results are stored in the list folder as CSVs file of tuples of (image_id, vehicle_id, cam_id):

  • reid_train.csv: contains the training data
  • reid_query_[val/test]: contains the queries for evaluation
  • reid_gallery_[val/test]: contains the gallery for evaluation


python train.py <method> <m> <gamma> <pos mining> <neg mining>


  • method: either am, triplet, or circle
  • m: relaxation factor (for Circle loss) or margin (for AM-Softmax and Triplet)
  • gamma: scale factor (only for Circle and AM-Softmax)
  • pos/neg mining: method to mine triplets, either hard, semihard or all (cannot both be semihard)


python train.py circle 0.4 256 hard semihard


python test.py <path/to/weight>


python test.py runs/circle_0.4_256.0_hard_semihard_3698/best_map.pth


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