Exports saved posts and comments on Reddit to a csv file.

Columns: ID, Name, Subreddit, Type, URL, NoSFW

  • ID: Starts from 1 and increments for each saved Post or Comment.
  • Name: Title of the post.
  • Subreddit: Display name of the subreddit.
  • Type: Either #Comment or #Post.
  • URL: Link of the comment or the post.
  • NoSFW: True or False based on the post.

How to Use

  • Download or clone the code to your pc.

  • Install Python3 and then install praw.

  • Go to and create a script.

    • Give any name and description.
    • Redirect uri: http://localhost:8080
    • Create
    • Text below "personal use script" is your client id. We'll need that and the secret.
  • Open file with any text editor.

  • You'll see below lines at the top:

    client_id='' # Enter your client ID
    client_secret='' # Enter you client secret
    username='' # Enter Username
    password='' # Enter password

  • Enter the necessary information into the quotation marks.

  • Save the .py file.

  • Now you can run the script through command line/ VSCode/ Spyder etc.

  • Wait until you get the "COMPLETED!" message.