Face and Car detector from video streams using Computer Vision with Face Recognition and Car Number Plate detection for integration with MQTT and Home Assistant.


  • Records video on motion detection
  • Detect faces and cars
  • Train to recognise faces from image files
  • Publish events and snapshots to MQTT
  • integration with Home Assistant
  • extensive user configurable parameters for tuning video sources to correct false positives

This project is still under-development and some features (e.g. Number Plate detection) are not available.

Further updates and documentation improvement are coming in the next few days.

Quick Start


  • git clone
  • cd camwatch
  • python -m pip install -r requirements.txt


  • cp config/camwatch-quick_start.yaml config/camwatch.yaml
  • Edit and customise config/camwatch.yaml
  • see camwatch-defaults.yaml for more settings

Start monitoring a video channel

  • python src/ {channel_name}

Start face recognition training

  • Set the path of your training data in the configuration: services.face_recognition.location
  • Add the face photos under named sub-folders, e.g.:
    • john/
      • john_photo1.jpg
      • john_photo2.jpg
    • jill/
      • jill_photo1.jpg
      • jill_photo2.jpg
  • Start trainer: python src/