Face Anonymizer – FaceAnonApp v1.0

Blur faces from image and video files in /data/files folder.


Repo of the source files for the FaceAnonApp.
run.exe file was created with pyinstaller command: $ pyinstaller run.py --onefile
which creates the 1.64 GB run.exe file.
(for this method you would also have to download crowdhuman_yolov5m.pt and place in same directory as run.py)


Google drive link of Folder contains working App (so you don’t have to wrap this as an .exe yourself).

  1. Download the folder of the FaceAnonApp Here
  2. Place images/videos you’d like to annomize in the data/files sub-folder
  3. Double click run.exe file
    or open cmd terminal, cd to FaceAnonApp directory, and run $ run.exe.

Result images will be in /output/ and videos with sound will be in /output/sound/

App Demo

Click image view Youtube video

Demo navigating through the FaceAnonApp Folder
showing where to put the input videos
how to launch the program
and where the results are stored.


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