The official implementation of the CVPR 2021 paper FAPIS: a Few-shot Anchor-free Part-based Instance Segmenter



This repo is primarily based on the Pytorch implementation of Siamese Mask-RCNN and we use mmdetection toolbox to finish it.

The official code of Siamese Mask-RCNN can be found in siamese mask-rcnn


Please follow the installation in README_mmdetection.md, to compile the necessary libraries, please read the compile.sh file

Prepare COCO dataset

ln -s $path/to/coco data/coco


Please read train_FAPISv2.sh for some sample commands


Please read test_FAPISv2.sh for some sample commands

and run run.sh the results will be saved in results.txt file

Visualize the results

python tools/test.py configs/FAPISv2_fcos_r50_caffe_fpn_gn_1x_4gpu.py work_dirs/FAPISv2_fcos_use_rf_mask_constrain_parts_unet_dist_part_0/latest.pth --show


Our paper:

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The Siamese Mask-RCNN paper:

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This project is based on mmdetection toolbox.

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Thanks for their contributions


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