Fast and easy way to rollout on multiple GitLab project file a particular content.

Why ?

After looking for a tool to simply enforce a development practice at the scale of a GitLab instance, I didn’t find anything simple so I started this little script.

The main goal of the script is not to replace cookiecutter, or even GitLab includes but to facilitate adoption and reduce friction.

Simple use case, Automatically add the GitLab SAST tasks examples on .gitlab-ci.yml


Running locally


  • Python 3 (should also work with Python 2 but it’s not supported)
  • Virtualenv (recommended)


Then you can clone the repository, install the dependencies and run Volatile:

$ git clone https://github.com/Lujeni/volatile.git
$ cd volatile
# optional
$ virtualenv .venv && source .venv/bin/activate
(.venv) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
(.venv) $ python volatile/volatile.py


Volatile supports multiple environment variables for configuration:

Flag Description Mandatory Default
GITLAB_URL Your GitLab instance (e.g. https://gitlab.foo.bar) yes N/a
GITLAB_PRIVATE_TOKEN Authentication Token yes N/a
GITLAB_TARGET_FILE The GitLab file you wanna update (e.g. .gitlab-ci.yml) yes N/a
GITLAB_SEARCH Returns project matching the given pattern (default all) no all
VOLATILE_TEMPLATE_PATH The path of the file with the new content (e.g. volatile/templates/example.yml) yes N/a
VOLATILE_MERGE_REQUEST Create merge request, otherwise, script push on default branch no True




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