An implementation of Optimal Textures: Fast and Robust Texture Synthesis and Style Transfer through Optimal Transport for TU Delft CS4240.


git clone https://github.com/JCBrouwer/OptimalTextures
cd OptimalTextures
pip install -r requirements.txt
python optex.py -h

Texture synthesis

Generate a texture based on an example:

python optex.py --style style/graffiti.jpg --size 512

Style transfer

Supply two images and synthesize one in the style of the other.

python optex.py --style style/lava-small.jpg --content content/rocket.jpg --content_strength 0.2

Texture mixing

Blend two textures together.

python optex.py --style style/zebra.jpg style/pattern-small.jpg --mixing_alpha 0.5  

Color transfer

Perform style transfer but keep the original colors of the content.

python optex.py --style style/green-paint-large.jpg --content content/city.jpg --style_scale 0.5 --content_strength 0.2 --color_transfer opt --size 1024