Featurized Query R-CNN

Wenqiang Zhang*, Tianheng Cheng*, Xinggang Wang, Shaoyu Chen, Qian Zhang, Wenyu Liu(*: equal contribution, : corresponding author)


  • 14 June, 2022: Code and models of Featurized Query R-CNN have been released!


The query mechanism introduced in the DETR method is changing the paradigm of object detection and recently there are many query-based methods have obtained strong object detection performance. However, the current query-based detection pipelines suffer from the following two issues. Firstly, multi-stage decoders are required to optimize the randomly initialized object queries, incurring a large computation burden. Secondly, the queries are fixed after training, leading to unsatisfying generalization capability. To remedy the above issues, we present featurized object queries predicted by a query generation network in the well-established Faster R-CNN framework and develop a Featurized Query R-CNN. Extensive experiments on the COCO dataset show that our Featurized Query R-CNN obtains the best speed-accuracy trade-off among all R-CNN detectors, including the recent state-of-the-art Sparse R-CNN detector.1654667943617

Installation and Training

Our methods are based on detectron2, please refer to here for more details.

Install the detectron2:

git clone https://github.com/facebookresearch/detectron2.gitpython setup.py build develop

For training, run:

python train_net.py --config-file <config-file> --num-gpus <num-gpus>

Main Results

Model Backbone Epoch AP FPS Weights
Featurized QR-CNN (100 Queries) ResNet-50 36 41.3 26 Google Drive
Cascade Featurized QR-CNN (100 Queries) ResNet-50 36 43.0 24 Google Drive
Cascade Featurized QR-CNN (300 Queries) ResNet-50 36 44.6 24 Google Drive
Cascade Featurized QR-CNN (100 Queries) ResNet-101 36 43.9 18 Google Drive
Cascade Featurized QR-CNN (300 Queries) ResNet-101 36 45.8 17 Google Drive
  • The speed is tested on a single RTX 2080Ti GPU on COCO val set.
  • If you have trouble accessing the models in Google Drive, we also provide the models in BaiduPan for you (Password: n91e).


Our implementation is based on detectron2 and Sparse R-CNN, we thank for their open-source code.


Featurized Query R-CNN is released under the MIT Licence.


If you find Featurized Query R-CNN is useful in your research or applications, please consider giving us a star 🌟 and citing it by the following BibTeX entry.

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