Django Fast API

Few hacks to speed up defining APIs based on django rest framwork, inspired from fastapi

First version tested on: python 3.9 and django 4.0


  • Function based view
  • Easy to use decorator
  • Accepts validation of input and output using DRF serializers
  • Accept CamelCased input and group all rest input methods in same dict :req
  • Jsonify and camelcase any type of output: str, dict, QuerySet, Model
  • AutoSchema docs using drf-spectacular
  • Error handler that works with DRF
  • Better way to pass the request object inside views
  • Convert DRF serializers into a type annotation classes for better processing by IDEs

Quick start

  1. Install the lib::

    $ pip install django-fast-api

  2. Add “drf_spectacular” to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::

  1. Include the swagger documentation in your project like this::

    from drf_spectacular.views import SpectacularAPIView, SpectacularSwaggerView

    path('api-schema/', SpectacularAPIView.as_view(), name='schema'),
    path('api-doc/', SpectacularSwaggerView.as_view(url_name='schema'), name='swagger-ui'),
  1. Add open api schema class and exception handler to “REST_FRAMEWORK” settings::

        'DEFAULT_SCHEMA_CLASS': 'drf_spectacular.openapi.AutoSchema',
        'EXCEPTION_HANDLER': 'fast_api.error_handling.exception_handler'
  1. Examples of usage in views::

    from fast_api.decorators import APIRouter

    router = APIRouter()
    from . import serializers, models

    def sample_view(req):
        return "ok"

    def sample_view():
        return {
            'key' : 'value'
    def error_view():
        assert  False, "This is the error message user will get"

    # with input & output validation
    from rest_framework import serializers
    from test_api.models import Country

    class CreateCountryRequest(serializers.ModelSerializer):
        class Meta:
            model = Country
            fields = ['name']
    class GetCountryRequest(serializers.Serializer):
        id = serializers.IntegerField()
    class CountryResponse(serializers.ModelSerializer):
        class Meta:
            model = Country
            fields = ['name']
    def create_company(req: serializers.CreateCountryRequest) -> serializers.CountryResponse:
        return models.Country.objects.create(**req.args)
    def create_company(req: GetCountryRequest) -> CountryResponse:
        return models.Country.objects.get(   
  • req is a django request
  • you will find all endpoint args in req.args

Issues and Feedback

If you found an issue or you have a feedback , don’t hesitate to point to it as a github issue.


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