Few Python projects :

  1. Fast_API_Docker_PyTest- Just a simple automation thats build and running the container for the API and then using PyTest framework for testing.

  2. Music Bot – Music bot for discord using Discord API

  3. PyPDF – Converting PDF to MP3 using Pyttsx3, PyPDF2, Tkinter

  4. QR_GEN – Converting a URL to a QR code and dynamically creating the file name using QRCODE, Image, OS

  5. Simple_Games – Two simple games the have been built via a Udemy Course

  6. Speed Test – Creating an Internet Speed Test from the nearest HOST provider, using SpeedTest

  7. Text_To_Speech – Converting a string to MP3 using gTTS and OS

  8. TropiTal_Chat_Bot – Discord chat bot using Discord API and Random

  9. Whatsapp_Bot – Whatsapp bot that sends every minute a random Chuck Noris Joke via ChuckNoris Joke API to a number that you want using PyWhatKit, Requests, Json, Time, DateTime, Schedule

  10. Wikipedia_Web_Scrapping – Web scrapping the Title and the paragraphs from Wikipedia and converting it to MP3 using Requests, LxmL. gTTS, OS, BS4


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