Simpler is Better

We proposed a novel model training paradigm for few-shot semantic segmentation. Instead of meta-learning the whole, complex segmentation model, we focus on the simplest classifier part to make new-class adaptation more tractable. Also, a novel meta-learning algorithm that leverages a Classifier Weight Transformer (CWT) for adapting dynamically the classifier weights to every query sample is introduced to eliminate the impact of intra-class discripency.




Other configurations can also work, but the results may be slightly different.

  • torch==1.6.0
  • numpy==1.19.1
  • cv2==4.4.0
  • pyyaml==5.3.1


We follow the same rule to download and process dataset as that in After processing, please change the "data_root" and "train/val_list" in config files accordingly.

Pre-trained models in the first stage

For convenience, we provide the pre-trained models on base classes for each split. Download it here:, and change "resume_weights" to this folder.

Episodic training and inference

  • The general training script
sh scripts/ {data} {split} {[gpu_ids]} {layers} {shots}
  • This is an example with 1-shot, ResNet-50, split-0 on PASCAL and GPU device [0].
sh scripts/ pascal 0 [0] 50 1
  • Inference script
sh scripts/ {data} {shot} {[gpu_ids]} {layers} {split}


Please write down issues or contact me via [at] if you have any questions.


If you feel helpful of this work, please cite it. Will update this when it is officially published on ICCV.

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