Fills out the container extension form automatically. (Specific to IIT Ropar)

Download the chrome driver from the website below (make sure your google chrome browser and chrome driver version is same)



Extract the zip file.
Store the extracted directory and file at same level (depth).

Eg. - dir1  
       |-> chromedriver (zip extracted directory)  

Step for setting up the conda environment:

  1. conda create –name container python=3.6
  2. conda activate container
  3. pip install selenium
  4. conda install pandas

Steps to update user_data.csv file. It contains your requirement details.

  1. Change the values in user_data.csv as per your need. Please look at the container google form for valid values/entries.
  2. Text box entries could be anything. Refrain yourself from using “;” (semicolon). It is used as a delimiter for extracting data.
  3. Adding the value of dropdown entries in the csv file has to be the same as the container google form mentioned. Make sure you write the text(string) as it is, including spaces, commas, quotes, etc.

Note: When you open user_data.csv in any word processor, make sure to select ; (semicolon) as a separator. Otherwise, you will see multiple entries merging into one column.

If you are still facing an issue, reach out to me here abhishek [dot] 19csz0001 [at] iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in


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