Find email addresses of Github users with python.


Find email address of a user

python zen.py username


python zen.py https://github.com/username

Find email addressess of contributors of a repository

python zen.py https://github.com/username/repository

Find email addresses of members of an organization

python zen.py organization --org


python zen.py https://github.com/orgs/organzation

Save JSON output to a file

python zen.py https://github.com/username/repository -o /path/to/file

Rate limiting

Github allows 60 unauthenticated requests per hour but limit for authenticated requests is 6000 per hour.
You don't need to generate any kind of authenticated token, just supply your username via -u option as follows:

python zen.py username -u yourUsername


Zen supports multi-threading for faster data retrieval.

python zen.py IBM --org -t 20

Check if email has appeared in a breach

Zen uses haveibeenpwned.com API to check if an email has been breached or not. This feature is turned off by default and can be used with --breach option as follows

python zen.py s0md3v --breach