• Blazing fast as we are using ripgrep in backend
  • Exploit/PoC steps for many of the API key, allowing to write a good report for bug bounty hunting
  • Unlike many other API key finders, dora also shows the path to the file and the line with context for easier analysis
  • Can easily be implemented into scripts. See Example Use Cases


Make sure to install ripgrep

# clone the repo
$ git clone

# change the working directory to sherlock
$ cd dora 

# install dora
$ python3 install --user


$ dora --help
usage: dora [options]

positional arguments:
  PATH                  Path to directory or file to scan

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --rg-path RG_PATH     Specify path to ripgrep
  --rg-arguments RG_ARGUMENTS
                        Arguments you want to provide to ripgrep
  --json JSON           Load regex data from a valid JSON file (default: db/data.json)
  --verbose, -v, --debug, -d
                        Display extra debugging information
  --no-color            Don't show color in terminal output

Open in Cloud Shell
Run on

Example Use Cases

  1. Decompile an APK using apktool and run dora to find exposed API keys
  2. Scan GitHub repos by cloning it and allowing dora to scan it
  3. While scraping sites, run dora to scan for API keys


You are more than welcome to contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Add or improve existing regular expressions for matching API keys
  • Add or improve the info in the JSON data for an API key to better help the user getting a valid bug bounty report when reporting an API key they have found
  • Fix bugs (kindly refrain from creating bugs)