Find the dominant colors in any image.

Setup Instructions:

Step 1)

Make sure you have python installed on your machine

Step 2)

navigate into the main directory ColorPalette and create a python virtual environment as follows:

python3 -m venv env

Step 3)

Activate the virtual environment as follows:

source env/bin/activate

Step 4)

Install the required packages:

pip install -e .

Using the tool:

To use this tool place whatever image you want to analyze in the main ColorPalette folder and type the following:


In the above, NUM_COLORS refers to the number of colors you want displayed. Additionally, you may follow NUM_COLORS with either a 0 or a 1 to specify whether you would like the hexadecimal color codes of each number to be displayed in the final picture.


The tool will output two files into the main folder your image was initially in. The first file will be named YOUR_FILE_palette and will contain just the color palette. The second file will be called YOUR_FILE_with_palette and this will contain the original image with the palette below it.


Image without color names


Image with color names