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How to Build dynamic web rapidly? We choose Formwork-Flask.

Formwork is a highly packaged Flask Demo.

It’s intergrates various code such as Mysql(Pymysql),function for web development purposes,route demo, template Demo and so on.

It’s the easiest way and fastest way to create Flask dynamic website with Mysql.


  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install required module or Run install.cmd / install.sh to install required module.


  • Run chmod +x script.sh && ./script.sh on Linux. Run script.cmd on Windows.

How to Use

  • Change project/templates/ folder to add or modify static html,css,js file.( Optional )
  • Change project/routes/ folder to modify route file with .py suffix.( Optional )
  • If Mysql Database is needed,change formwork/project/database/pysql_config.py file to edit Mysql config.( Optional )
  • If Mysql Database is needed,follow Mysql Example to create new Mysql code.( Optional )
  • Follow Routes Example to create new routes code.( Optional )
  • Run chmod +x script.sh && ./script.sh on Linux. Run script.cmd on Windows.

Required Environment

  • Python 2.7+ version, better 3.6 version
  • Mysql( Optional )

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