Flipper Zero Docs


To fix a bug or add something new to this repository, you need to open a pull-request. Also, on every page of the site, there is an edit icon (pencil) to the right of the header.

I18N and shared folder

  • Put assets, custom HTMLs, scripts, and stylesheets to shared until they’re language-specific
  • Keep the navigation structure the same for all languages* so the language selector can work properly

Creating a new document

After creating a new document, add it to the nav: block in the language-specific mkdocs.yml.


Documents are written in Markdown. Material for Mkdocs and Mkdocs docs might help you showing what blocks are supported.


All images, videos, and other assets must be uploaded to the assets folder.

GIFs, Videos and screenshots

We have some custom macros to embed “gifs” and videos.

To embed a “gif” (autoplayable silent MP4 video), use:

{{ gif("/assets/example-gif-file-name.mp4") }}

To embed a video, use:

{{ video("/assets/example-video-file-name.mp4") }}

To embed a Flipper Zero screenshot, use:

{{ screenshot("/assets/example-screenshot.png") }}

The screenshot should be 128*64 PNG with transparent background.

Building the docs locally

  1. Install additional utilities somehow: yq, rsync.
  2. Install packages:
pip3 install mkdocs-material mkdocs-macros-plugin mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin
  1. Run python3 ./serve.py being in the root directory
  2. Proceed to http://localhost:8000

P.S. The site might look a bit different to production, because we use mkdocs-material-insiders, which you obviously can’t install.

If you want to test docs better and have access to Insiders, install it:

pip3 install git+https://${GH_TOKEN}@github.com/squidfunk/mkdocs-material-insiders.git