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VoiceMaster is a discord bot created to change the way servers work, instead of having permanent channels you can now create temporary ones that delete themselves once they are empty.

The original code was taken from the VoiceMaster bot and adapted to my needs.

The bot is programmed via and it’s tested with Python 3.9


Setup the bot:

  1. Download python using the following link:
  1. Clone the bot from GitHub

  2. Open the terminal and follow these steps:

  • Change directory to this folder and type:

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

  1. Open in a text editor and replace "Insert Discord token here" with your token bot

  2. Open cogs/ in a text editor and replace "OWNER_ID" with your owner id, "USER_ROLE_ID" with user role id and "STAFF_ROLE_ID" with staff id which can bypass the maximum number of channels

  3. Run the bot

Remember to enable the “PRESENCE INTENT” and “SERVER MEMBERS INTENT” on Discord Devolper Portal


For setup bot use .voice setup command

For the command list use .help command


For help join to my discord

Or open an issue here on Github

Or contact me here

Stage Channels

I made another version that instead of creating vocal channels, creates stage channels



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