FTP-exploits is a tool which is used for Penetration Testing that can run many kinds of exploits on port 21(FTP)

Commands and Exploits

  #~ '-brute' - Brute Force FTP.
                The Brute Force exploit it can be runed without knowing the username and passsword, but you must have a dictionary for it.
  #~ '-ddos' - DDoS FTP.
               The DDoS exploit is sending bunch of packets very fast, so the FTP service will be inaccessible.
  #~ '-buffer-overflow' - Fuzz FTP.
                          The Buffer-Overflow exploit at first tries to send anonymous login and then it sends mailicous shellcode so you get a reverse shell.  


FTP-exploits only uses the modules socket and threading, so you don’t need any other module to be installed


  • Discord: tfw#2946


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