Fully asynchronous API wrapper


You can install the stable version from PyPI:

$ pip install aiomoe

Or get it from github:

$ pip install


Get info about your account

import asyncio
from aiomoe import AioMoe

tm = AioMoe() # or AioMoe(token="xxxxxxxx")

async def main():
    me = await
    print(f"Used quota: {me.quota_used}/{me.quota}")

The output will be like this:

User(error=None, id='your ip', priority=0, concurrency=1, quota=1000, quota_used=0)
Used quota: 0/1000

Search anime

import asyncio
from aiomoe import AioMoe

tm = AioMoe()

async def main():
    image = ""
    search_results = await, anilist_info=True)
    # 'Steins;Gate 0'

You can pass a link to an image, bytes or file-like object (io.BytesIO)

    with open("image.png", "rb") as file:
        search_results = await

And use additional parameters such as:

  • anilist_info - Return an Anilist object instead of anilist id
  • cut_borders - Cut out black borders from screenshots
  • anilist_id - Filter results by anilist id

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Released under the MIT license.

Copyright by FeeeeK.


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