Welcome to BlackJack!

This game is fully functional, with a casino sound package integrated using Pygame, dynamic game logic developed using Object Oriented Programming (OOP), and an interactive GUI developed using Tkinter. The game itself is a one player game developed in Python, where the player plays against the dealer.

Note that the file: in the project folder is the command line interface version of BlackJack. This was the initial script that I developed, intended to be a game fully based on a command line interface. I then decided to integrate a graphical user interface to that script, creating the fully functional GUI version. Feel free to play either version!

To run either version: Download the project folder, and ensure all images,sound packages, and game files are in the same folder. You may need to use pip install to download dependencies such as Tkinter, Pillow, and Pygame. Once all dependencies and modules used in the game have been imported, simply run the script in your local IDE!



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