MTV-TSA: Adaptable GAN Encoders for Image Reconstruction via Multi-type Latent Vectors with Two-scale Attentions.






This is the official code release for "Adaptable GAN Encoders for Image Reconstruction via Multi-type Latent Vectors with Two-scale Attentions".

The code contains a set of encoders that match pre-trained GANs (PGGAN, StyleGANv1, StyleGANv2, BigGAN) via multi-scale vectors with two-scale attentions.


  • training encoder with center attentions (align image)


  • training encoder with Gram-based attentions (misalign image)


  • embedding real images to latent space (using StyleGANv1 and w).

    a. You can put real images at './checkpoint/realimg_file/' (default file as args.img_dir)

    b. You should load pre-trained Encoder at './checkpoint/E/E_blur(case2)_styleganv1_FFHQ_state_dict.pth'

    c. Then run:


  • discovering attribute directions with latent space :

Note: Pre-trained Model should be download first , and default save to './chechpoint/'


  • validate performance (Pre-trained GANs and baseline)

    1. using to generate reconstructed images (generate GANs images if needed)
    2. Files in the directory "./baseline/" could help you to quickly format images and latent vectors (w).
    3. Put comparing images to different files, and run
  • ablation study : look at ''./ablations-study/''



  • Case 1: Training most pre-trained GANs with encoders.
    at './model/E/' (quickly converge for reconstructed GANs' image)
  • Case 2: Training StyleGANv1 on FFHQ for ablation study and real face image process
    at './model/E/' (margin blur and more GPU memory)

Pre-Trained GANs

note: put pre-trained GANs weight file at ''./checkpoint/' directory

  • StyleGAN_V1 (should contain 3 files: Gm, Gs, center-tensor):
    • Cat 256:
      • ./checkpoint/stylegan_V1/cat/cat256_Gs_dict.pth
      • ./checkpoint/stylegan_V1/cat/cat256_Gm_dict.pth
      • ./checkpoint/stylegan_V1/cat/
    • Car 256: same above
    • Bedroom 256:
  • StyleGAN_V2 (Only one files : pth):
    • FFHQ 1024:
      • ./checkpoint/stylegan_V2/stylegan2_ffhq1024.pth
  • PGGAN ((Only one files : pth)):
    • Horse 256:
      • ./checkpoint/PGGAN/
  • BigGAN (Two files : model as .pt and config as .json ):
    • Image-Net 256:
      • ./checkpoint/biggan/256/
      • ./checkpoint/biggan/256/biggan-deep-256-config.json

Options and Setting

note: different GANs should set different parameters carefully.

  • choose --mtype for StyleGANv1=1, StyleGANv2=2, PGGAN=3, BIGGAN=4
  • choose Encoder start_features (--z_dim) carefully, the value are: 16->1024x1024, 32->512x512, 64->256x256
  • if go on training, set --checkpoint_dir_E which path save pre-trained Encoder model
  • --checkpoint_dir_GAN is needed, StyleGANv1 is a directory(contains 3 filers: Gm, Gs, center-tensor) , others are file path (.pth or .pt)
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='the training args')
    parser.add_argument('--iterations', type=int, default=210000) # epoch = iterations//30000
    parser.add_argument('--lr', type=float, default=0.0015)
    parser.add_argument('--beta_1', type=float, default=0.0)
    parser.add_argument('--batch_size', type=int, default=2)
    parser.add_argument('--experiment_dir', default=None) #None
    parser.add_argument('--checkpoint_dir_GAN', default='./checkpoint/stylegan_v2/stylegan2_ffhq1024.pth') #None  ./checkpoint/stylegan_v1/ffhq1024/ or ./checkpoint/stylegan_v2/stylegan2_ffhq1024.pth or ./checkpoint/biggan/256/
    parser.add_argument('--config_dir', default='./checkpoint/biggan/256/biggan-deep-256-config.json') # BigGAN needs it
    parser.add_argument('--checkpoint_dir_E', default=None)
    parser.add_argument('--img_size',type=int, default=1024)
    parser.add_argument('--img_channels', type=int, default=3)# RGB:3 ,L:1
    parser.add_argument('--z_dim', type=int, default=512) # PGGAN , StyleGANs are 512. BIGGAN is 128
    parser.add_argument('--mtype', type=int, default=2) # StyleGANv1=1, StyleGANv2=2, PGGAN=3, BigGAN=4
    parser.add_argument('--start_features', type=int, default=16)  # 16->1024 32->512 64->256

Pre-trained Model

We offered pre-trainned GANs and their corresponding encoders here: models (default setting is the case1 ).


  • StyleGANv1-(FFHQ1024, Car512, Cat256) models which contain 3 files Gm, Gs and center-tensor.
  • PGGAN and StyleGANv2. A single .pth file gets Gm, Gs and center-tensor together.
  • BigGAN 128x128 ,256x256, and 512x512: each type contain a config file and model (.pt)


  • StyleGANv1 FFHQ (case 2) for real-image embedding and process.
  • StyleGANv2 LSUN Cat 256, they are one models from case 1 (Grad-CAM based attentions) and both models from case 2 (Grad-Cam based and Center-aligned Attentions for ablation study):
  • StyleGANv2 FFHQ (case 1)
  • Biggan-256 (case 1)

If you want to try more GANs, cite more pre-trained GANs below:


Pre-trained GANs:

( Converting code for official pre-trained model is here:
StyleGANv2 and PGGAN:

Comparing Works:

In-Domain GAN:

Related Works:

Grad-CAM & Grad-CAM++:
SSIM Index:

Our method implementation partly borrow from the above works (ALAE and Related Works). We would like to thank those authors.

If you have any questions, please contact us by E-mail ( [email protected]). Pull request or any comment is also welcome.


The code of this repository is released under the Apache 2.0 license.
The directories models/biggan and models/stylegan2 are provided under the MIT license.


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