Cisco to Netbox integration

Script gathers all needed info from Cisco devices and creates entities in Netbox (devices, interfaces, prefixes, ip addresses, cdp connections etc)

This script has two parts:

What the script does:

  1. Connects to ips of Cisco devices written in ip_list_all.txt or ip_list.txt files by netmiko or paramiko
  2. Gathers information according to templates
  3. Parses data and writes into api/”device_name”.csv files in json format

Script’s main purpose is full integration between Cisco and Netbox (

Script works fine with IOS, NX-OS, XR, SG-220, Air-OS but can have some problems with “slow” devices when getting responce takes a long time.
Script might fail trying to connect to some devices ,especially when connecting to more than 20 devices simultaneously in a thread.
script worked fine and was tested in one Enterprise network environment only, and some templates were edited to work in that environment.

What the script does:

Reades text files containing json data of network devices and creates/updates entities in Netbox.

Script uses custom fields, you must add these fields to write acl information


  1. Edit yaml file
  2. Add ip list to connect
  3. Run the script
  4. Run


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