Hour GIF Generator

Generate meme GIFs in which an image you choose can be viewed by the user only after they wait a whole hour.


Clone this repository and make sure you have Pillow installed.

# git clone https://github.com/Circl3s/hour-gif-generator.git
# pip install Pillow


Run the Python script and specify the target “reward” image.

// Windows
# py hour_gif.py path/to/image.jpg
// Other
# python hour_gif.py path/to/image.jpg

The script will prompt you to enter a caption for your image. That’s what the “reward” will be referred to by the countdown. For example if you choose a picture of a cute dog you want the caption to be “Cute dog”, then the countdown will read “Cute dog in 0:59:59”.


Running this script will take up 4-5GB of RAM to generate 3600 frames at a decent enough resolution. I am currently looking into lowering the RAM usage.


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