Generate product descriptions, blogs, ads and more using GPT architecture with a single request to TextCortex API a.k.a HemingwAI

How To Generate Content using TextCortex Hemingwai:

  1. Signup at https://textcortex.com
  2. Sign-in and click on account on top right.
  3. Go to API Key section and copy your key.
  4. Install textcortex package:
    pip install textcortex
  5. Enter your API Key to hemingwai
  6. Generate copy text with a single line of code!

Here is an example request to Hemingwai for generating Product Descriptions:

from textcortex import TextCortex

# Create the hemingwai object and enter your API Key
hemingwai = TextCortex(api_key='YOUR_API_KEY')

# Generate Product Descriptions using Hemingwai
product_description = hemingwai.generate_product_descriptions(
                    product_title='Black Backpack', product_category='Shoes & Bags', target_segment='',
                    source_language='en', character_count=300, creativity=0.7)


    "ai_results": [
            "generated_text": " This blue cotton duvet set will make your bedroom set, comfortable and stylish. The duvet cover set is made from soft polyester fabric with detailed embroidery. The duvet cover set has blue and silver floral embroidery details. The decorative pillows are decorated with black and silver embroidery. The duvet cover set is completed with coordinated Two shams, one in the same design. The duvet cover set is",
            "rank": 0.9533,
            "text_length": 407,
            "word_frequency": [
                    "word": "cover",
                    "frequency": 4
                    "word": "embroidery",
                    "frequency": 3
                    "word": "duvet",
                    "frequency": 5
                    "word": "with",
                    "frequency": 3
            "word_count": 67

What kind of texts are possible to generate?

Currently we support the following methods for generating copy text like the following:

# Generate Blog Articles:

# Autocomplete the rest using Hemingwai

# Generate Ad copies using Hemingwai

# Generate Email Body using Hemingwai

# Generate Email Subject using Hemingwai

# Generate Product Descriptions using Hemingwai


There are some parameters that you need to send before making a request to Hemingwai.

Here is a brief summary of what those parameters:

prompt: Prompting the HemingwAI to start writing on a specific subject

creativity: Floating number between 0-1. 0 being the lowest creativity and 1 being the highest. Default is 0.7

character_length: Integer which defines the maximum amount of characters that can be produced by the HemingwAI

source_language: Language code of the source language of the written prompt. for example 'en' for English and 'de' for German. We support 72 languages. If you don't know the language code you can also use 'auto' for this field to automatically sense the input language.

target_segment: Used for setting the tone of the generated copy text. It can be basically anything but please keep it plausible :) Examples: Young people, middle aged people, young men, women, etc..