Generate Random Password with Passphrase

This is a python code to generate strong Password from given pass phrase. A slightly Different Passphrase will give completly different Password. A same Passphrase will always give a same Password.

If it is hard to remember a strong password and weak password will be cracked easily so it can generate a strong password from easy passphrase so passphrase will be easily can be remembered.

How to use

To use first of all get this code to get code you can clone this repo by command:

git clone

Then change your working directory by typing

cd create_password

There are two ways to generate password from it

First (open)

python -p passphrase 

passphrase is actual passphrase

The Output will be password. For eg:

python -p secret


Then you can copy and paste

Second (secret) {Reccomended}

In second method password will be pasted in clipoard and to do it it needs a module called pyperclip so to install it type

pip install pyperclip

Then type command


Then blank screen appears write passphrase there it wont show passphrase beacause it is secret

After you enter your pass phrase click enter then password will be copied in your clipboard then you can paste it by Ctrl+v

For Length of password

Defult length of password is 21 if you want to change it then with any text editor open and in line 55 there is :

length = 21

To change length change value between 1-31

for eg to get password of length 26 change will look like

length = 26

One Last

If you wanted to use it as a command in linux then follow these commands

cd create_password    

chmod +x

mv command

Command is actual command For Eg:

mv pswd

And at last type

sudo mv pswd /bin

Type password then it will be Command then you can use it by just typing



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