Generates a heatmap of IPs that made failed SSH login attempts on linux systems, using /var/log/auth.log to get failed attempts. Uses the library to fetch the IP address coordinates, and folium to generate the heatmap.


  • Python >3.5
  • folium
  • ipinfo
  • requests
pip3 install folium requests ipinfo

Installation & Usage

Use wget (or curl, or git clone) to download the script.


Use grep to generate a text file that contains the logging entries of failed ssh connection attempts. Pattern matches login attempts with a password as well as an ssh key.

grep "authentication failure\| Failed password" /var/log/auth.log > failed_attempts.txt

Get a free ipinfo api key.

Run the script, passing the required arguments.

python3 failed_attempts.txt <ipinfo_api_key>

You can pass additional arguments to set the minimum number of login attempts required for the IP address to be included in the heatmap, and the file name to use for the heatmap.

python3 <sourcefile> <api key> <min_attempts> <heatmap_filename>

Open the generated heatmap HTML file in a browser.