auto-generating paper titles

Well, all the cool kids seem to be training their own text bots so here's one which finetunes gpt-2 to generate titles of scientific papers (or anything else). All code and instructions are in scrape_finetune_sample.ipynb.

settings for data gathering

  • all models are trained by finetuning the 117M model.
  • ml: Trained for 1000 steps on article titles from stat.ML betweem 2017-08-01 and 2019-07-01 with 'learning' in the abstract.
  • neuro/genomics: Trained for 100 steps on 2,870 article titles from arXiv q-bio GN (genomics) and q-bio NC (neurons and cognition) between 2016-08-01 and 2019-07-01.
  • quantum: Trained for 150 steps on a couple thousand article titles from arXiv quant-ph between 2019-05-01 to 2019-07-03.


Here are some samples for ml titles (more in the samples folder)

  • A Machine Learning Framework For Computer Vision
  • A Semi-Supervised Csi-On-Icb Test For Differential Privacy
  • Neural Control Variates For Efficient Inference And Meaningful Decision Making
  • Unlearn What You Have Learned: Recurrent Neural Networks For Pre-Processing Speech Using Sparsified Emotional Speech
  • Learning Representations For Long Short-Term Memory Linked Index Circuits
  • Stochastic Gradient Mcmc For Compressing Neural Network Training For Training Fine-Grained Relationships
  • Bayesian Inference And Wavelet Decomposition Of Iterative Random Code
  • Robust And Parallel K-Svm Through Sparsely Correlated Matrix Decomposition
  • Towards A Practical $K$-Dimensional Deep Neural Network Model Parameterization Theory Emphasizing Sequence Interaction
  • Deep Signal Recovery With Dual Momentum: A Complexity And Stability Analysis Based Analysis
  • Fault Diagnosis Using Deep Signal Recovery
  • Sparse Least Squares Regression: Robust Regularization And Recommendations For Improved Statistical Validation
  • Stacking With A Neural Network For Sequential Intent Classification
  • Deep Residual Auto-Encoders For Multi-Label Image Classification
  • Sparse Least Squares Regression For Robust And Adaptive Classification
  • Anatomical Coronary Stearage Reconstruction Using Deep 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Processes
  • Gated-Cgroup Communications Solution For Ciliary Dysfunction Detection Using Hierarchical Directed Acyclic Graph Convolutional Network
  • Understanding Batch Normalization
  • Improving Gan Performance With Stochastic Gradients And More Via Optimized Alternative Estimation
  • Graphoisheter Encephalization Encephalization
  • Improving Gans Using Covariate Shift And Multivariate Spatial Embeddings
  • Dynamic Event Graph Convolutional Networks For Adverse Event Forecasting
  • Fast Asynchronous Parallel Training Of Deep Networks
  • On The Non-Parametric Power Of Logistic Regression For Smooth Events
  • Unifying Pac And Learning Mdps Using Influence Functions
  • Machine Learning To Plan And Downlink Using Intrinsic Motivation
  • Classifier Readiness Testing For Imbalanced Data
  • Fast And Scalable Bayesian Deep Learning With Limited Observations
  • A Comparison Of Deep Neural Networks And Adaptive Graph Neural Networks For Anomaly Detection
  • Distributed Deep Learning With Gossip Networks Using Bidirectional Lstm Sensors
  • Revisiting Reuse Of Super Categories
  • Anatomical Visual Exploration
  • Multimodal Social Learning With Active Interest Discovery
  • Stochastic Variance-Reduced Cubic Regularization For Approximate Inference
  • Predicting County Level Corn Yields Based On Time Series Data
  • A Deep Residual Network Approach For Predicting County Level Eegs Using Sparse And Incomplete Data

other things to train on

  • witty quotes (note: some of the produced samples may be offensive)
  • limericks
  • haikus
  • song lyrics