Gesture volume control v.2

In this project I am going to learn how to use Gesture Control to change the volume of a computer. I first look into hand tracking and then I will use the hand landmarks to find gesture of my hand to change the volume.

The first version

Follow the link to see my first version of the “Gesture volume control”


  • Can track your hand in real-time
  • Can change your computer’s volume based on your hand activity

How to install

  1. Clone this repository on your computer
  2. Install all the requirements run libraries.bat
  3. Run the program python


You might face issue with webcam not showing and you get errors. To solve it just change the value in this line (for example to 1). cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) Increment this number until you see your webcam.

Differences from the first version

  • Sound can reach 100%
  • To set the value of the sound you need to bend the pinky

Hand Landmarks


Alt Text


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