GetRepo-py is a command line client that queries GitHub API and searches repositories by given arguments.
It is a test task for the Back-End Developer role vacancy in a company Noxtton.


I completed every task (including bonus ones).


  1. The client should accept a search string, query GitHub API for repositories and display the results.
  2. In addition to the search word, the client should accept two optional parameters.
    • Ignore Parameter will ignore repositories, where the name of the repository includes the provided string.
    • Sort Parameter will sort results by repository name in Ascending or Descending order.
  3. Solution needs to be documented in Markdown format.
  4. Add unit tests to your solution.
  5. Log all search requests in a separate log file.
  6. Provide a Docker file to build your solution as a Docker Image. Include building and running instructions in the documentation.

I also added some features (to get bonus points for creativity ? ):

  1. You can specify a programming language to query repos by it.
  2. Additional sorts. sort and order are separated.
    • There are 4 sort options: by number of stars, forks, help-wanted-issues and last updated date.
    • And you can choose to sort in ascending or descending order.
  3. You can specify how many results you want to get.
  4. Colored terminal to make it prettier/more visible.
  5. Before adding unit tests I accessed GitHub API with Postman and got specific (static) urls and test json data that is stored in the jsonTest folder. I tested my function with that.
  6. In addition to a log file that is fully dynamic, you can choose to save results to the json file, that is stored in the SavedJSON folder.

I have used following libraries:



At first build docker image:
docker build -t getrepo .
then run container:
docker run -t -i getrepo