Rewrite of Common Lisp htmx app _cl-github-timeline into Python using FastAPI.

This project tries to prove, that with htmx, templating of page components (using e.g. jinja2) becomes more important than the actual framework serving HTTP requests and it shall be relatively easy to rewrite the app from one language/framework to another.



htmx based application. Components of page are generated on backend and updated on the page using htmx javascript code.


Assuming poetry and python 3.9 (3.6+ would work too) is installed:

$ poetry install

From now on it is assumed commands are run from activated virtual environment:

$ poetry shell
(.venv) $


$ uvicorn app:app --reload --port=8000

or using invoke. First list available commands:

$ inv -l
Available tasks:

  app-run   Run web app in development mode

and then run it:

$ inv app-run

Finally open the web app on http://localhost:8000, enter some existing GitHub user name and click button "Generate Timeline".