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GitNews – Github webhooks for Telegram



  • clone repo

    git clone
  • Set Telegram bot token in
    set with heroku cli

    heroku config:set ENV=True
    heroku config:set BOT_TOKEN=Bot_Token
  • create your app with heroku cli

    heroku create your_app_name
  • push code

    git push main heroku

Github webhooks:

Deploy on Heroku:

If you want to deploy this app on Heroku, there’s a one-click setup for that. Click below, fill up the form and hit Deploy App.


Try on Gitpod:

  1. Login to Gitpod.
  2. Open this repo in Gitpod.
  3. After workspace build, dependencies will be installed.
  4. Follow step 2 and 3 in Setup section.

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