The project is to develop a web-based application that will give a platform for teachers to autograde student’s assignments for the CS courses taught in the CE department. Like,
Programming Fundamentals (PF), Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), Artificial
Intelligence (AI), etc. The main goal is to automate the grading of all the students who have
submitted the assignments.
Our assignments for these courses are to implement different functions, for example, factorials
and other such functions. The teachers will be given an interface where they can add test cases
to check whether the functions have been implemented properly. The program will mark every
student and generate an Excel sheet of marks and log files of every student giving the reason
for the failure of any test case if any.
The main concerns here are to give marks to every student after complete testing. Consider it
like unit testing but we are going to create such an environment where teachers will give us the
name of the function, docstring (optional), test cases with expected values, and marks of that
specific function.


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