Give real chat boosting to your discord server.

✅ Setup:
  - Add token to scrape messages on server that you whant.
  - Put the token in config file.
  - Put the channel id to scrape messages, if you whant to scrape message from any servers and any channels, enable `capture_all` option.
  - Put channel id to forward messages, and command channel (all bots command will be sent here).

? If you don't have proxies, activate proxyless option, or buy them from my shop :p

  • Proxy support – HTTP/S
  • Ultra realistic, (chat typing, delay..)
  • Forwarded from custom server in real time.
  • Replace user and channel mention, (stay undetected)
  • One token / account (realistic chat, if user sent multiple message they will be sent with the same token)

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