This repository provides a PyTorch implementation of AutoPST, which enables unsupervised global prosody conversion without text transcriptions.

This is a short video that explains the main concepts of our work. If you find this work useful and use it in your research, please consider citing our paper.

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Audio Demo

The audio demo for AutoPST can be found here


  • Python 3.6
  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • PyTorch == v1.6.0
  • librosa
  • pysptk
  • soundfile
  • wavenet_vocoder pip install wavenet_vocoder==0.1.1
    for more information, please refer to

To Run Demo

Download pre-trained models to assets

Download the same WaveNet vocoder model as in AutoVC to assets

Please refer to AutoVC if you have any problems with the vocoder part, because they share the same vocoder scripts.

Run demo.ipynb

To Train

Download training data to assets.
The provided training data is very small for code verification purpose only.
Please use the scripts to prepare your own data for training.

  1. Prepare training data: python

  2. Train 1st Stage: python

  3. Train 2nd Stage: python

Final Words

This project is part of an ongoing research. We hope this repo is useful for your research. If you need any help or have any suggestions on improving the framework, please raise an issue and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.