Gnome Keyboard Layout Switch

It’s a tool, that allow painlessly switching between multiple keyboard layouts.
It splits all input sources into groups: primary and secondary. By default first two input sources are used as primary. It could be changes with -p option.
It uses LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT to switching between primary input sources and RIGHT ALT + RIGHT SHIFT to switch between secondary input sources.

For example, I have 4 input sources en,ru,pl,uk. I can switch between en,ru with LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT and between pl,uk with RIGHT ALT + RIGHT SHIFT.

If you already use ALT + SHIFT combination with Gnome Tweeks it should be turned off.

How to install

sudo apt install python3-gi libcairo2-dev libgirepository1.0-dev
git clone
cd gnome-keyboard-layout-switching

Ckeck if it works

Without options, first two languages are used as primary.


Select specific languages as primary.

./venv/bin/python -p en,ru

Add entry to “Startup Application Preferences”

make autostart

File ~/.config/autostart/gnome-keyboard-layout-switch.desktop is created. You can modify it to provide custom options.


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