GNS3 GUI repository.


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Software dependencies

PyQt5 which is either part of the Linux distribution or installable from PyPi. The other Python dependencies are automatically installed during the GNS3 GUI installation and are listed here

For connecting to nodes using Telnet, a Telnet client is required. On Linux that's a terminal emulator like xterm, gnome-terminal, konsole plus the telnet program. For connecting to nodes with a GUI, a VNC client is required, optionally a SPICE client can be used for Qemu nodes.

For using packet captures within GNS3, Wireshark should be installed. It's recommended, but if you don't need that functionality you can go without it.


If you want to update the interface, modify the .ui files using QT tools. And:

cd scripts


If you want to see the full logs in the internal shell you can type:

debug 2

Or start the app with --debug flag.

Due to the fact PyQT intercept you can use a web debugger for inspecting stuff:

Security issues

Please contact us at [email protected]