? GoBigger Challenge 2021 Baseline


? Introduction

This is the baseline of GoBigger Multi-Agent Decision Intelligence Challenge in 2021. The baseline is based on OpenDILab and aims to provide a simple entry-level method. Participants can build agents by extending the baseline method provided. In addition, Opendilab’s modular structure allows participants to easily get started, and it provides a wealth of reinforcement learning algorithms for participants to use. This baseline is a good starting point, especially for entry-level researchers who are familiar with multi-agent decision AI problems.

? Release Version

The current version is the latest version v-0.2.0.

  1. What needs to be optimized in the future
    • Variable length features lead to potential GPU memory explosion risk.
    • Better reward function design.
  2. Version-0.2.0
    • Fix the ckpt bug to improve the accuracy of the evaluator.
    • Fix replay_buffer bug
    • Brand new feature engineering to improve convergence speed.
    • Replay_buffer stores variable-length features to improve data utilization and training speed.
  3. Version-0.1.0

? Getting Started

  1. System environment

    • Core 16
    • GPU A100(40G)
    • Memory 50G
  2. Baseline Config

    • The default config is the config used in this experiment. Participants can modify it according to the system environment.
    • The size of replay_buffer_size needs to be set according to the size of RAM.
    • The size of batch_size needs to be set according to the size of the GPU memory.
  3. Install the necessary packege

    # Install DI-engine
    git clone https://github.com/opendilab/DI-engine.git
    cd YOUR_PATH/DI-engine/
    pip install -e . --user

    # Install Env Gobigger
    git clone https://github.com/opendilab/GoBigger.git
    cd YOUR_PATH/GoBigger/
    pip install -e . --user
  1. Start training

    # Download baseline
    git clone https://github.com/opendilab/Gobigger-Explore.git
    cd my_submission/entry/
    python gobigger_vsbot_baseline_main.py
  1. Evaluator and Save game videos

    cd my_submission/entry/
    python gobigger_vsbot_baseline_eval.py --ckpt YOUR_CKPT_PATH

? Result

We released training log information, checkpoints, and evaluation videos. Below is the download link,

  • Baidu Netdisk Link
    • Extraction code: u4i6
  • Google Drive Link

? Resources