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Google Fit Sensor Component

Based on

Creates Google Fit sensors.
At the moment, the component provides following measurements:

  • steps
  • distance
  • time
  • calories
  • weight
  • height
  • sleep
  • heartrate
  • oxygen
  • blood pressure
  • nutrition
  • hydratation
  • BMR


HACS – Recommended

  • Have HACS installed, this will allow you to easily update.
  • Add https://github.com/IvanVojtko/googlefit-homeassistant as a custom repository with Type: Integration
  • Click Install under “Google Fit” integration.
  • Restart Home-Assistant.


  • Copy directory custom_components/google_fit to your <config dir>/custom_components directory.
  • Configure.
  • Restart Home-Assistant.

Example configuration.yaml

In order to add this component as is, add a new sensor:

  - platform: google_fit
    name: Google Fit

Google Fit credentials

In order to generate credentials.json, see the prerequisites for the Google Calendar component:
To make sensor work you have to enable the Fitness API in your project. Add all Fitness API read scopes. After generating credentials, download credentials.json file
and place it into this directory, next to get_credentials.py
In oder to enable Fitness API open Google Cloud console:
and enable API.

To allow HA access your Fit data, you need to complete a challenge. It can’t be completed by HA so that’s why you need to use get_credentials.py script. First install all the
requirements using python -m pip install -r requirements.txt. Then run script python get_credentials.py, open
the generated URL, allow access and don’t forget to tick mark all permissions. This script will generate .google_fit.token file. Copy this file to your HA configuration directory.


Sensor name Entity
Steps sensor.google_steps
Calories sensor.google_calories
Distance sensor.google_distance
Heart rate sensor.google_heart_rate
Resting heart rate sensor.google_resting_heart_rate
Move time sensor.google_move_time
Blood oxygen sensor.google_oxygen
Sleep sensor.google_sleep
Blood pressure SYS sensor.google_blood_pressure_sys
Blood pressure DIA sensor.google_blood_pressure_dia
Hydratation sensor.google_hydratation
BMR sensor.google_bmr


Attribute name Entity Attribute
Potassium sensor.google_nutrition potassium
Calcium sensor.google_nutrition calcium
Vitamin A sensor.google_nutrition vitamin_a
Vitamin C sensor.google_nutrition vitamin_c
Total carbs sensor.google_nutrition carbs.total
Polyunsaturated fat sensor.google_nutrition fat.polyunsaturated
Monounsaturated fat sensor.google_nutrition fat.monounsaturated
Calories sensor.google_nutrition calories
Trans fat sensor.google_nutrition fat.trans
Total fat sensor.google_nutrition fat.total
Sodium sensor.google_nutrition sodium
Saturated fat sensor.google_nutrition fat.saturated
Protein sensor.google_nutrition protein
Cholesterol sensor.google_nutrition cholesterol
Iron sensor.google_nutrition iron
Sugar sensor.google_nutrition sugar
Dietary fiber sensor.google_nutrition dietary_fiber


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